At Velectron labs we believe in keeping things simple with a touch of unbridled elegance. We pioneer mostly in Biotech but we are also working on many innovative solutions across the board.  

We are also working with medical instrumentation and anti-addiction tech being our primary focus as wearable medical technology and a platform. For more, look into our project  Addictofree .

We do workshops and learning sessions too, as spreading knowledge in the community brings us great joy. We are supported by companies like KTech by IKP and organizations like Startup  Karnataka ,KBITS and Ginserv . We hope to bring about a positive shift in both instrumentation and wearable technology.

We are a new Start-up established in NOVEMBER 2018, with a new technology-  that helps socioeconomically Disadvantaged groups we believe that a startup is not just a means to make money but a way to bring a positive shift towards a brighter future.

Still young and looking for challenges and chances to change the world.

We are a robust team of fun-loving and hardworking inventors looking for opportunities to grow and serve.

That is Why
“here at velectron labs we dream with open eyes so you can wake up to a brighter tomorrow”
Abhijit Nair(CEO)