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According to the Global status report on alcohol and health 2018 released by the World Health Organization (WHO)
More than 3 million people died as a result of the harmful use of alcohol in 2016
Overall, the harmful use of alcohol causes more than 5% of the global disease burden.
Of all hospital admissions in India, 20-30% are due to alcohol-related problems.
Almost 10-15% of people with alcohol-related problems commit suicide which is markedly high and hence a significant number of lives can be saved if it can be managed early and appropriately.
With only 54 De-Addiction centers across Karnataka state for Alcoholism, the costs for hospitalization and help is very high and unaffordable to a lot of families.   Addictofree is our solution to that problem its an amazing platform and a device that will revolutionize rehabilitation forever .it’s currently velectron labs primary focus it is in R&D and will hit the markets in 2021..