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sprash -Our dream project –

– Recently, the growing number of amputees in the world, particularly in a developing country like India has become a major concern and there are two types of protheses available- body powered and myoelectric. The non-functional, cosmetic prosthetic hands today are hooks or other simple tools. Myoelectric hands are those that take electrical signals from remenant muscle contractions in the arm to control the motorized hand. An electrically powered prosthesis that resembles a real arm. The user controls it with electrical impulses through muscles in the residual limb. This option is more expensive than a body-powered prosthesis and it needs frequent recharging. It also requires a great deal of fine-tuning to get the prosthesis to interpret the electrical signals, and may not work for all people.
What we have is better both in terms of cost and functionality.

We use SMP based components to give a life like feel to a prosthesis .


Partnered with e-nable for this

The fruits of this project are coming soon .


Rescue the tactical and surveillance droid with SMP adaptive skin.

  • The project is meant to replace human operation and control of attacks automatically by a spy robot. The critical issues faced by human operators are described below:

Detection of bombs.

Spy an unusual activity.

Surveillance on border areas, patient monitoring in hospitals and industries.


Search and rescue operations during nature disastrous.

we are developing a shape memory skin so it can go to all trains by adapting its surface and adapt accordingly. 

The system is economically viable in terms of cost, complexity and operational time.


Pure automated control without any manual operation is being implemented as feature improvements are being made.

With Inventor

Irfan R and Dr Suresh MME RUAS



Echo print


using sound activated liquid resin we 3d print .

The acoustic push pulse projector  generates shear waves (phrase array), which propagate through the rasin at velocities which correlate to crystalline  stiffness, providing a quantitative phase separation across each unit cell of rasin .

velectron patented algorithm





Blood pressure monitor using shape memory alloy by measuring pressure against contractive force of sma  .


Acoustic dental cleaner

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